Belgian championship oldtimercross: How do you get a license?

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Guide for newcomers and their license application permit 2017.

The Belgian Championship oldtimer cross BOTC has been around for over ten years and has become known far beyond the country’s borders. The competition is one of the largest in Europe and we can be proud of it. Through the site we got a lot of questions in recent weeks about how newcomers are under an obligation to obtain authorisation. Despite that this isn’t so difficult we are going to explain the process. We will do this in four languages because the questions came mostly from non-native speakers.Step 1: download a permit application on the site of VMCF or JMS. The BOTC-Motocross championship for vintage dirt bikes lives in the grace of these two motorsport associations. VMCF and JMS ensure the provision of the circuits and accommodation for beautiful and well organized competitions. On their websites you can download and print a document specific to the vintage dirt bike competition. It does not matter which federation you choose, both deliver a valid licence to be able to participate in the Belgian championship oldtimer cross. Before you fill out and send back the appropriate Federation document you need to ask a start number from our member of the workgroup Eddy Wijnants by emailing:

You need to fill in the start number on this document. The document of the federation VMCF can be downloaded here and that of JMS can be downloaded here.

Step 2: Go to the doctor. A medical certificate is also needed for getting the permit. That must be completed by your family doctor. It is not necessary to go to a sports doctor, the signature and stamp of your doctor is sufficient.

Step 3: Fill in the rest of the license application. Make sure that all information is filled in readable and preferably use capital letters. The license of VMCF must be send to Martin Roels, P. Christiaansstraat 42, 9290 Berlare. The one of JMS to VLM-JMS linkhoutstraat 219/a, 3560 Linkhout-Lummen. One year license at the oldtimers costs € 150 in both federations. Write the amount to the indicated account number with your name and start number and the word “oldtimers”.

Step 4: Fill in the registration form by BOTC. This document is a registration document for the workgroup that this league organizes. You can download the document here. Print the document and fill it out truthfully. You can give the document on the pilots meeting in Westmeerbeek or email the document to .

Step 5: Fill in the motor passport. This document is required for the workgroup in discussions around technical questions. It is a required document that must be held by the workgroup before the start of the competition. You can download it here. Fill out the document and give it on the pilots meeting at the beginning of February or send it to .

Step 6: Read the full rules of the Belgian championship oldtimer cross on this site. Take note of the color of the number signs on your engine, these already need to be the right coloring at the first race of the season by 2017. Here you will find the new rules on the number plates.

Here you go, nothing will stop you from making the motocross season beautifull, exiting and sporty. The workgroup BOTC will do all it can to make it a successfull motocross year. Motocross riders who don’t regularly wish to take part in this competition can also drive a day license. This can be attained on the raceday in the tent at the information desk. Please note that they also need to have a motor passport for the day license. If you still have any questions you can always ask them at the pilots meeting on 11 February in Westmeerbeek.


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